little bonsai presents

Plague Town

A coronavirus comedy podcast

Prologue - What Went Wrong?

A horror writer and his agent discuss 'what went wrong?'

Apt 308 - Drag It Yourself

Just some nice father and son bonding time.

Apt 394 - Alan Rickman

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a good impersonation is priceless.

Apt 237 - Omelette du Fromage

Being locked indoors all day... sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy.

Apt 391 - Paint Me Like One Of Your French Shells

A sea witch makes Julius an offer he can't refuse.

Penthouse Suite – Strike!

Everyone has their vices.

Theme Song for Strike: "Tenpin 天辺へ":

Apartment 199 - RE: Suicide Note

24-year-old male seeks experienced ghost writer with excellent spelling and grammar for suicide note. No time-wasters. Non-smoker preferred.